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More Than a Life
South Carolina, 1978
The room he would preach inside of was about as depressing as his life if not more depressing. Regardless, sitting before the waiting crowd was bullshit - each of them waiting for his sob story just like everyone else who came on this very stage to do the same. All of them individuals he didn't know and didn't want to. He was just another car to them... but at least these cars wouldn't be the ones to judge him; their lack of care would make it easier to admit what churned his tank at night and brought the memories back - if that would ever make any sense to him...

"Hello," he began, sick of the silence. "I'm here because--"

"Start with your name," the group leader cut in from beside him. His forced smile anything but encouraging.

Brian glared at the car with a powerful disgust. Didn't stating your name defeat the purpose of the anonymous part? The group leader nodded for him to continue, and with the roll of his eyes and a
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As The Demons Danced
As the demons danced
in his mind,
they brought him back
to a place in time,
where his pain grew strong
and his will slipped by.
As the demons danced
in his mind,
they tortured him with
a forgotten life,
and teased him with
the regrets and lies.
His eyes were cold
lifeless and dull,
no longer did they show
his once beloved vivid soul,
in the dark and dim room
by the bar he'd come to know.
But his shame no longer burned
like the fire he had seen,
as he reached for the bottle
and the glass now empty,
because one more shot
was all he'd ever need.
The flicker of a smile
then the sting of tears,
for a moment
the memories flashed,
but they would fade
and for once not last.
For soon he will be
out of state
out of mind,
in the hell he created
just to get by
one more time.
- For Brian; 2008
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It'll Be Your Demise
In the darkness of midnight she sat alone,
Too weary to sleep and too distant to care,
She held the receiver, a deafening tone,
A call she hates and always will.
"Why must you steal?" she whispered to Time.
"And why must you fight?" came the reply.
"Sadly I expected your call,
But am I really at fault that life slips you by?"
"Yes!" she exclaimed. "Let me be!
I do not want to lose again!
I beg you, please stop for me?"
A call she hates and always will.
"Stop for you?" Time asked with a laugh.
"I do not mock you, but your attempts are useless.
Careful. Taken literally, your life would end tomorrow."
A smile. "With time you will not be restless..."
"But I can't let go," she said, quite weak.
"Pardon, but the more you spend fighting me,
"The more you lose what you seek."
A call she hates and always will.
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United States

Reporting from Fabulous Florida!

We're all a little twisted.
I come and I go,
falling in and out of tune with life,
but I'm always in love with living.

Cross draw. Somebody up there likes me. Oil stain. Jazz hands. As if on cue. Who I am hates who I've been. It's 4:00am at the motel and the walls wreak of despair.
For those of you who are still active members of the Cars Fandom, can you please comment with your tumblr URL if you have one? I reactivated mine last night. Thanks! :)

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